Friday, October 9, 2009


Sunday, October 11, 2009
People's Church, Kalamazoo, MI
10:oo am Forum

Anne Hutchinson and friends
(Elaine Seaman, Lynn Pattison, Marion Boyer)

Poetry on themes of: Family, Loss Persona, and Nature.

Join us.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Summer has been a swirl of activity: family reunion, children visiting, a great writing class with Di Seuss, time at the river, a wonderful group reading in honor of Marion Boyer's new book (biggest crowd for poetry in a long time). We've been driving up and down I-75 more times than I care to recall--the schedule hasn't been easy. I am spending the week here alone, trying, among other things, to produce a clean, finished copy of my new mss. So far the rickety printer has been cooperating.
Anne-Marie arrived in less than two weeks!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

During our visit to Seattle we took the opportunity to go for a walk in a local, Sound-side park. Heading down a trail to our car, after giving Anne's dog, Archie, a grand outing, we saw something glittering around and beneath a car in the parking lot below. A closer look revealed a huge accumulation of pop/beer cans on the tarmac, being run over by an old Dodge Dart, or something like...

Back and forth, back and forth, flattening the cans. It was not efficient, it looked like it would take forever. We agreed the object must be selling scrap. But the most perplexing question was how did all those cans get there---it certainly didn't look like they could have all fit in the Dart. I mean there was a small lake of them. All day we argued about whether the cans had got there in the Dart. My (minority) opinion was that they had, that only the ones in the front, by the driver, were in bags, and that the others were loose, under the seats, snugged in layers on the deck of the back window, tucked into the spaces between door latch and door, crimped and pushed into glove box and console, stacked carefully, seat-high, all the way round, just enough room for the driver to work his pedals. And the trunk, of course. I knew it would have to be done skillfully, the modern day version of building the load on the hay wagon. No one agreed.
Mainly, though it was just that we couldn't get that momentary image, of the driver rolling over the carpet of cans, out of our minds. We told everyone we saw.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mt. lion in the morning through one-way window. Desert Museum. We photographed early, before the animals got sick of people and tucked in for naps. I took coyote, wolves, and a couple of great raptor shots.

A display of beads at the giant international gem show---Tucson.

door to our room in Tubac. Great little porch. Rich so wanted to sit out there and drink his morning coffee. But it wasn't gonna happen, temps hovered around 35- 40 all the time we were there. his consolation, building fires in the chiminea(?) out in the garden and watching the stars. Big sky--no street lights.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Great American Train Adventure

Rich and I are just back from our version of the GATA, having spent 6 weeks "on the rails." Well, really, we only spent 10 or so days on the actual rails, the rest of the time was spent visiting friends and relatives in the SW & PNW. We had a grand time, both at our various destinations and in our tiny Deluxe Room on the train. (Deluxe refers to the tiny self-contained potty and shower chamber that sticks out into the small bedroom. There was also a mini-sink, where washing of faces and brushing of teeth proved to be both challenging and hilarious.) I became quite adept at showering while rocking and swaying inside a phonebooth sized compartment.

We traveled from Chicago to Tucson,(where we stayed with friends, then moved to Tubac for a week in a B&B, and on to Green Valley for a couple of days). Boarded the train at 4 in the morning (we owe Ione and Rob much, and many thanks, for driving us to the RR station in the middle of the night) for stays in Los Angeles, Oakland, Bodega Bay, and finally, Seattle. We enjoyed a variety of great hikes, readings, parties, beaches, cave explorations, botanical gardens, zoos, and even, one night, a hockey game.

Now to rest up. More to follow.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Catching up

It's been many months since I added anything here. Summer and fall flew by, and now, in December, I can hardly believe I haven't added anything since May. I intended to do better.

The photos are of a tree at the river. I am sure it is home to the spirit of a deer, reincarnate. How else to explain? My friend Vicki says that 8 & 10 pt. deer wanderup to nibble bushes under her windows at night and she watches them, only inches away.

Our experiences this summer related to wildlife (at the river)included a bear, some snakes and frogs, and a skunk who liked our shed. For some reason, no deer. I have a theory about that I will share another day.