Sunday, December 23, 2007

Snow storm predicted, and big wind. Rich and I just inherited two pair of gorgeous snowshoes from neighbors (the old-fashioned kind) and are happy at the prospect of trying them out. A good ol' blizzard is overdue in this part of the state. Winter has seemed rather stingy and crotchety. We get the cold, and patches of ice, but not the big-hearted, lavish munificence of a week's worth of fallen snow, that pure abundance.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

travels, travels...

I'm off tomorrow to see Ben & Holly, who just got back from Hawaii where, snorkeling, they got up close and personal with several whales--and lived to tell the tale. Not looking forward to passing thru airports and waiting in lines. Hope the storms in the NW don't move here and stop up flight schedules.
Daughter, Anne, visited last week, and got back to Seattle in time for the wild weather there, we took her to Chicago to catch her flight, and stayed a couple of nights. Saw a play, The Sparrow. Sloshed through ice and sleet to make our way there---were glad we made the effort. Great production (Apollo Theatre), very moving. Talented troupe. I'd see it again this week, if I could.
Here, the classic midwest darkness and fog. The air, dirty wet. Sunshine and gleaming snow is in order---maybe when I get back.